Devil Makes Work

Short Film - 2014
Production Company: Park Village
Director: Guy Soulsby
Role: Production Designer


Devil Makes Work has been an Official Selection at over 40 international film festivals, winning 13 awards. It is the recipient of a coveted  Vimeo Staff Pick and was optioned by Eli Roth's Crypt TV. 

Devil Makes Work is a visually dark and sinister short film starring Sean Dooley illustrating the devil's twisted view of humanity; our hopes and dreams, life, love and struggle together with the sacrifices we make for success. View full film here.

The brainchild of commercials director Guy Soulsby, Devil Makes Work involved the design & creation of a myriad of Worlds: the Greek God Sisyphus pushing a giant boulder up a mountain, Jesus carrying his cross on a rocky landscape, an overgrown misty graveyard, the devil's bloody lair, an African witch doctor, a decrepit Eastern Prison cell, a narrow brick alleyway and many others. 
All of these sets were built at Park Village studio under the narrowest of timescales and with very limited funds. It proved to be fantastic creative project for all involved and has gone on to win many awards. 

Devil Makes Work - moodboards
Devil Makes Work - prison cell set
Devil Makes Work - Alleyway set
Devil Makes Work - behind the scenes