The Silent Man

Short Film - 2016

Production Company: Humpty Dumpty Productions
Director: Charlotte Colbert
Role: Production Designer


London Short Film Festival (2017) |Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival (2017) | Manchester Film Festival (2017)

The Silent Man is a dark surreal short film by artist writer director Charlotte Colbert about a young lady (Sophie Kennedy Clark) who attempts to recapture the magic of a doomed relationship - by ordering a life-size doll of Cillian Murphy in his exact image. 
Textures, patterns & lighting were key in setting a darkly visceral atmosphere in a short filmed in monochrome. The design of the film took inspiration from a broad range of Surrealist and Modernist art, sculpture & film and involved considerable prop making as well as grafting the prosthetic face of Cillian Murphy onto a sex doll.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 18.01.26.png
The Silent Man
The Silent Man
The Silent Man
The Silent Man
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Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 12.24.45.png

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